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Veggie Monsters

Hey, glad you found us! We decided that this website had far too much stuff for parents (in other words boring stuff!) So us Veggie Monsters decided to take over and add some fun things for kids.

But first, some introductions are in order…

Creepy CarrotCreepy Carrot

He may not look like it but Creepy Carrot is the brainy one around here. He’s put together some amazing facts about vegetables for you to read. He’d love it if you told him about any other interesting veggie facts you know as he likes to show off his knowledge!

Creepy Carrot’s Astonishing Vegetable Facts

Crazy CucumberCrazy Cucumber

Over here we have Crazy Cucumber. He’s more of a creative type. He loves to draw and paint and thinks he’s an undiscovered artistic talent. If you like colouring in then take a look at some of the pictures he’s created for you to do just that.

Click here to download Crazy Cucumber’s Veggie Monsters Colouring Pages and then print them out (get your mum or dad to help).

Barmy BroccoliBarmy Broccoli

And this is Barmy Broccoli. She’s very nice, but to be honest we all think she’s a bit too obsessed with celebrities and all that stuff. She’s busy putting together a list of famous vegetarians, so if that’s your sort of thing then see who she’s added so far.

Barmy Broccoli’s List of Famous Vegetarians

Alien PeasAlien Peas

The Alien Peas like to have fun, so even when they’re chilling out they like to do puzzles and play games.

Click here to downloaad the Alien Peas puzzles and then print them out (get a grown up to help if you need to).


What’s that? Oh, you want to know who I am too? Well, my friends call me Terrifying Tomato (which is just silly really, you can see I’m not at all scary – except when I get angry of course!)

Veggie Monsters Terrifying TomatoI’ll introduce you to the rest of the Veggie Monsters over time, so come back and visit us here again.

Terrifying Tomato


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