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Vegetarian Children’s Books

Here are some books that we think are suitable for and will be enjoyed by vegetarian children of various ages. Books are always a great gift for kids!

Most of these books are aimed at younger children, and so our own kids (who became veggie when they were a bit older) haven’t read many of them. As a result we haven’t added any reviews, so if you do buy any of them please let us know what you think so we know whether they’re worth recommending or not.

We also have a page featuring reviews of books for parents of vegetarian children, all of which we have read ourselves.

Just so you know, if you click on one of these links to buy any of these books, we will get a few pennies for referring you. It isn’t much, but is one of the ways you can say thank you for the free information we’ve put together on this website :-).

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