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Vegetarian Books

Perhaps you want a vegetarian recipe book to get some new ideas on what to cook for the family, maybe you want a vegetarian nutrition book to help you ensure your children are getting the nutrients they need, or perhaps you’re just looking for a vegetarian children’s book to give as a gift. We’ve put together a list of books that we’ve read and recommend to make it easier for you and added a review to help you decide whether it’s what you’re looking for.

The books below are aimed at the parents of veggie kids, but click here to look at books we think are suitable for vegetarian children.

If you want to buy any of the books for yourself, clicking the Buy from Amazon.co.uk button by each book will add it to your shopping basket on Amazon.co.uk and you can then checkout on their site when you’re ready.

The New Becoming Vegetarian

by Vesanto R. D. Melina and Brenda Davis

This is one of the most useful vegetarian nutrition books I’ve come across. I initially borrowed it from the library when my first son decided to go veggie, but decided I wanted my own copy and so bought it for myself. (Read more)

The Bean Book (Essential Vegetarian Collection Series)

Rose Elliot The Bean Bookby Rose Elliot

I was delighted to come across The Bean Book (part of the Essential Vegetarian Collection) recently at a charity book shop, as I’d had it on my Amazon wish list for a while but just couldn’t justify buying myself another recipe book. Of course because the proceeds were going to charity (and it was very cheap anyway) it would have been rude not to take advantage of the opportunity! (Read more)

The Quorn Kitchen: 70 Easy, Home Cooked Recipes from Our Kitchen to Yours

I got hold of a copy of the Quorn Kitchen in our local charity bookshop a while ago and have found it extremely useful. Although I had already been substituting Quorn products in other recipes to make them vegetarian I sometimes found that it was a bit trial and error, as the Quorn doesn’t need to be cooked as long as meats do. (Read more)

Beyond Baked Beans Green: Real Veggie Food for Students

by Fiona Beckett

Beyond Baked Beans Green is as it says on the cover “Real veggie food for students”. Although I haven’t been a student for far too many years and my own kids aren’t yet at that stage, I bought this book because I hoped it would contain some recipes that were more child friendly than those in a lot of other vegetarian recipe books.  (Read more)

Good Housekeeping Easy to Make! Meat Free

by Good Housekeeping

Easy to make! Meat Free is a useful introductory cookbook for vegetarians and those cooking for vegetarians. It starts out with an introduction to vegetarian living and where to get protein from, followed by some cooking instructions for a few vegetarian staples, including vegetables, beans and lentils, polenta, rice, pasta and grains. It then goes on to the recipes. (Read more)

Vegetarian Supercook

by Rose Elliot

Vegetarian Supercook is just one of the zillions of vegetarian recipe books written by Rose Elliot. As you probably already know she is renowned for writing easy to follow but excellent vegetarian recipes and this book is no exception. (Read more)

Virtuoso vegetarian

by Rolf Hiltl

I was lucky enough to be given a complimentary copy of Hiltl. Virtuoso Vegetarian when I visited tibits vegetarian restaurant a while back. It’s a compilation of recipes from the Hiltl in Zurich, the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Europe. (Read more)

Tibits at Home: stylish vegetarian cuisine

I recently received a copy of the new recipe book from tibits vegetarian restaurant (see our review of the restaurant for more information about their tasty vegetarian food). The book was launched on 11th October and is tibits’ first collection of recipes from its own menu of gorgeous veggie food, so I was eager to take a look. (Read more)

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