Snowmen shaped Pom-Bears – Vegetarian Society approved

Snowmen shaped Pom-BearsI recently received some samples of the brand new Vegetarian Society approved Winter Edition Pom-Bears to review. Of course my kids were eager to do their bit for the website by helping out with taste testing.

Pom-Bears have always gone down well in our house, but these ones are a bit different. Firstly they are shaped like snowmen, which is rather cute, and secondly they are in a new flavour, Pigs in Blankets. I must admit when they first arrived I did double check for the Vegetarian Society approved logo and also read the ingredients, as sausages wrapped in bacon didn’t sound particularly veggie friendly. However I’m happy to report that they don’t contain any ingredients that would offend a non-meat eater :-)

At first I did think it was rather a strange choice of flavour for something vegetarian, but I suppose it’s not that different from buying veggie sausages or Quorn chicken style pieces. Many people enjoy the taste of meat and are vegetarian for a variety of other reasons, so these might just hit the spot for them.

This flavour is a lot stronger than the ordinary Pom-Bears, with a very slight spiciness to them. We were sent a generous amount to try, so had ample opportunity to make up our minds about them. Overall they went down very well, with myself, hubby and one son devouring them, it was just the other son who wasn’t a fan at all and didn’t even manage to finish one bag. A 75% success rate is pretty good though.

I do think that they are a fun option for Christmas, and at less than 100 calories per bag, won’t spoil little appetites as easily as some other crisps and snacks. They are also gluten free and have no added colour or preservatives, so are a good alternative for those who don’t tolerate these. You can find out more about Pom-Bear snacks on their website.

If you’d like to get your hands on some they’re available at Asda and independent retailers and cost £1.39 for a 6 pack, which isn’t bad value. I’m certainly going to get some more in for Christmas, as they disappeared pretty quickly even with just ¾ of the family eating them!

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