Better Bunny vegetarian sweets

Better Bunny vegetarian sweetsWe’ve recently discovered another brand of vegetarian sweets which are a little different from the others we’ve tried. Better Bunny sweets are a soft and chewy foam sugar sweet in the shape of a bunny face, with fruit gum ears. A sample was sent to us a while ago, so I thought I’d let you know what we thought.

Please note that although we received the sample for free, we haven’t been paid for this review (and are not paid for any of our reviews) and the views expressed are our own.

First a bit of background… Better Bunny are owned by Germany company Katjes, which is a family-owned sugar confectionery company and is the number two manufacturer of fruit gum and liquorice products in Western Europe.

The sweets are made without animal gelatine and contain natural colours – they also say they contain 2.5% fruit juice, but I can’t imagine that’s enough in a small sweet to make much difference! Still, it’s infinitely preferable to some of the other chemicals that could have been used instead.

Katjes Better Bunny sweetsMy boys really enjoyed them and asked twice “Are you sure they’re vegetarian” as there aren’t any other veggie sweets quite like them. I’m not a big sweet lover (except for jelly beans!) but still found myself picking at them as they were quite pleasant. There is almost a fizziness to the foam faces, but they’re also chewy.

They’re also very cute looking, so great for little kids, party bags, etc. They come in a mix of pink and white bunnies as shown in the picture on the right.

As far as I’m aware, Tesco is currently the only place where you can currently buy them and they cost £1.48 for a 170g pack.

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